Conquer Another World With the Naruto System


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1039 Chapters · 14 Readers
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The Berserker clenched his fist, “Boy, see if this punching bag has a big fist, if I punch it down, you are likely to die.” Lin Luo, “Brother, I have learned Flying Thunder God, you can talk to me before you meet me.” The heavy armor warrior wore heavy armor, “Lin Luo, I’ll stand here for you to fight, take a step back and count me lose.” Lin Luo, “Fire escape. The fire is extinguished. I won’t hit you. I just have to roast it until the seventh is mature.” The long-range archer used the rune cannon to bombard indiscriminately, “Lin Luo, under my rune cannon, no matter how strong you are, you will be bombarded into scum.” Lin Luo yawned, “Hey, I’ve already woken up from sleep, and you haven’t broken my Suzuo’s defenses. I will sleep for a while, you are free.” This is a story of a middle-two boy, carrying the Naruto system, slaying all forces in another world, and becoming a god step by step.


  • Conquer Another World With the Naruto System
  • 带着火影忍者系统征服异界
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