Douluo’s Ultimate God of War


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1290 Chapters · 33 Readers
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Author:Fu Bai San Qiu

Novel Summary

Carrying the Devouring System to cross the Douluo Dalu, he became Xiao Wu’s elder brother and awakened the ultimate book of mysterious martial arts. After that, Xiao Ju was invincible, smiling proudly! Xiao Wu: “Brother, are you on the hook? Why are you so strong?” Xiao Jue: “I used technology to type all operations, and Xiao Aotian didn’t open it!” Tang San: “Brother Xiao, can you marry Xiao Wu to me?” Xiao Jue: “Smelly boy, dare to hit my sister’s idea, and see if I take your skin off!”


TitleDouluo’s Ultimate God of War
Raw Title斗罗之终极战神
Addition DateOctober 3, 2022
AuthorFu Bai San Qiu
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Monthly Rank#320
All Time Rank#512
TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Death of Loved Ones,Drugs,Fanfiction,God Protagonist,God-human Relationship,Godly Powers,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Martial Spirits,Mysterious Family Background,Near-Death Experience,Overpowered Protagonist,System,Transmigration,Douluo Dalu