God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate从海贼开始的神级进化

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1039 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Xiang Chi Zhou Zi

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Carl died accidentally, so he traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained the god-level selection system. ‘Ding! Three million push-ups are completed, and the god-level selection system is officially launched! ’ ‘Ding! The dying golden lion is detected, and the god-level option is turned on! ’ ‘Option 1: Rescue the Golden Lion, get the appreciation of the Golden Lion, and become his most trusted subordinate and apprentice! ’ ‘Option 2: Let it go, let him fend for himself, get the title indifferent and ruthless, and increase all attributes by 200%! ’ ‘Option 3: Kill the golden lion and get some of the abilities of the golden lion at random! ’


TitleGod-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate
Raw Title从海贼开始的神级进化
Addition DateOctober 3, 2022
AuthorXiang Chi Zhou Zi
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TagsAbility Steal,Arrogant Characters,Clever Protagonist,Fanfiction,Game Elements,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Humanoid Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Military,Money Grubber,One Piece,Overpowered Protagonist,Pirates,Reincarnation,Smart Couple,Weak to Strong,World Travel,System Administrator