Super Comic System


716 Chapters
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716 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Sheng Yu Tong Xue

Novel Summary

Are there fire abilities? Don’t worry, burn the fruits and melt the berries to help. Is there any space power? Don’t worry, the surgical space of the fruits of surgery will help. One Piece Devil Fruit ability, only you can’t think of, no Devil Fruit can not do. Let’s look at the Devil Fruits obtained after binding the One Piece version by Otaku Xiao Zimo. Beat the bully, make a school trick, step by step to the peak of life, and then solve the mystery of his life experience.


TitleSuper Comic System
Raw Title超级漫画系统
Addition DateMarch 8, 2023
AuthorSheng Yu Tong Xue
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Monthly Rank#2960
All Time Rank#3950
TagsAbandoned Children,Adultery,Apathetic Protagonist,Arrogant Characters,Complex Family Relationships,Male Protagonist,Naive Protagonist,Playboys,Sister Complex,System,Weak Protagonist,Marvel,One Piece