Young Commander’s Supernatural Sweetheart


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375 Chapters · 37 Readers
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In the past life, Mu Qing Xin was an unknown citizen who met countless of scumbags on blind dates Once she transmigrated to the interstellar, she became a rich famous mentally handicapped daughter?! Sorry, her IQ is now online, and she is even more spoiled by the whole family. Space power awakens, changing the physique of a waste isn’t a dream, just that these monotonous and unpalatable nutrients cannot be tolerated. “Little sister, what delicious food are you making?” The three handsome brothers swallowed, waiting to be fed; “Baby, Dad has been working hard, send more food~” The famous commander expressed, what is solemn and dignity; “Miss Mu, welcome to our school.” The principal of the capital’s top college reminiscent the delicious food, and his old face smiled like a chrysanthemum… The fragrance of the delicious food can improve cultivation and enhance abilities. There are consistent foodies and beautiful men gathering. A certain military commander, whose face is getting darker and darker, directly pack someone home, preparing to have a good talk!


  • Young Commander’s Supernatural Sweetheart
  • 星际重生:军少的异能小甜心
Addition DateOctober 3, 2022
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