Small and Soft Girl A and Overbearing President Man O


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197 Chapters · 32 Readers
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Ruan Ruan’s body was originally a gummy bear candy. This inevitably caused her outward appearance to be Q and sweet, whereas her innate character to be honest and well-behaved. So when she found out that she transmigrated into an ABO world, her first thought was whether she would be stranded on the street and be bullied by a loser Alpha… Then she met a stranded-on-the-street tall-rich-handsome domineering-president Omega. The other party seemed to have just gone through a fierce battle—his steps unsteady, he was leaning against the wall while desperately panting, and the tails of his eyes were suffused with alluring flush. The alley was saturated with the pungent smell of pheromone-masking medicine. And also, from the domineering president’s body spread a wonderful smell that had not yet been covered by the masking medicine. And then. Ruan Ruan found that under her skirt, there seemed to be… …… It turned out she was the loser Alpha.


  • Small and Soft Girl A and Overbearing President Man O
  • 娇软女A,霸总男O
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