The Rich and Powerful Marry: the Rebirth of the Ace豪门替嫁:重生王牌大佬

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519 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:De Yin Bu Wang

Novel Summary

[Universal Invincible super first favorite text, face slap, scumbag, double strong! 】 Abandoned by her parents since childhood, Song Hua, who grew up in the countryside, was suddenly taken home by wealthy parents one day. Her father told her: “You and your sister are not from the same world. Her future is limitless. She is a phoenix soaring nine days. Of course you can’t marry a disabled person! It’s cheaper for you!” The mother warned: “The Yu family has a great career, and being able to marry your sister in place of your sister is a blessing that you have cultivated in eight lifetimes! Don’t know what’s wrong!” Yu Tingzhi, a genius who is famous in Jiangcheng. After a car accident, the genius Yu Tingzhi not only lost his legs, but also lost his talent. One is a little village girl from the countryside; One is a well-known waste; These two people are a perfect match. For a time, everyone was waiting to see the joke of Miss Song family. .. One day, the little village girl and the trash in the eyes of everyone appeared at the same time at a reception where big bosses gathered. Song Hua said: “I’m here to carry the dishes as a part-time job.” The latter is unhurried: “It’s a coincidence, I’m also here to do a part-time job.” As a result, everyone witnessed the two big bosses serving a night’s plate at the reception in order to conceal their identities. .. On the wedding day, the big bosses in the capital gathered. Big Brother No. 1: “The third master is getting married, I’ll wait to make way for the third master!” Big Brother No. 2: “Welcome Miss Song back to Beijing!” Big Brother No. 3: “…” Big Brother No. 4: “…” Looking at these big guys who can only be seen in the news column on weekdays, the Song family was stupid, and Song Baoyi cried and said that he regretted it.


TitleThe Rich and Powerful Marry: the Rebirth of the Ace
Raw Title豪门替嫁:重生王牌大佬
Addition DateOctober 4, 2022
AuthorDe Yin Bu Wang
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All Time Rank#2684
TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Hiding True Identity