Master Xi Wants To Make Official Announcements Every Day


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2003 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Gong Zi An Ye

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[Pop text, no abuse, strong women, group pets! 】 After Ruan Qi became popular. Black powder: No matter how beautiful, there is no culture. In the afternoon, the highest academic institution of China issued a blog-to introduce, the youngest doctoral supervisor of our school, Professor Ruan Qi. Heifen: What is the purpose of Chao Xueba Ren? Finally, he had to bow his head to the gold master. On the second day, Ruan Qi appeared at the International Economic Conference and signed the famous brand-Chairman of Qimu Pharmaceutical Group. Black powder: Earn so much money, I don’t know how to contribute to the country. Three days later, the official press release-the latest nuclear submarine came out, thanks to the chief designer Ruan Qi and all R&D members! Fans:… Can’t afford it, goodbye. * After getting married, a reporter asked Xi Jiu: How did you get to Goddess Ruan, Jiuye? Xi Jiu opened a diary silently. Wife Chasing Diary: 1. Make a list for your baby. 2. Vote for the baby. Three, support for the baby. Fourth, the baby’s movie must be reserved. 5. Join the Baby Support Club. …As everyone knows, Goddess Ruan has a universe-level rich and iron fan-Xi Jia Jiu Ye, Xi Jiu!


TitleMaster Xi Wants To Make Official Announcements Every Day
Raw Title席爷每天都想官宣
Addition DateOctober 5, 2022
AuthorGong Zi An Ye
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