There is Room For the Poor Daughter


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1159 Chapters · 44 Readers
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(1v1, Shuangjie, Sweet Pet) Xiliang Weiyuan Palace. The little prince Xiao Moxi, who was only 5 years old, wrinkled his face and ran into the field when his mother left him again. The little prince glanced sadly at his father next to him, and said old-fashionedly: “Father, why did you fall in love with my mother who likes to run outside when nothing is wrong?” Xiao Yeyang glanced sideways at his family’s little ghost eldest son, and then made a thoughtful gesture. Yes, why did he like that woman? There was a long silence… “Who knows, your mind is caught by the door!” The father and son, who had the same fate, looked at each other and uttered a helpless sigh at the same time. What should I do if there is a woman who has no home on the stall? My own princess (mother), can only spoil her! … Carrying space through the ancient rice flowers, I just want to spend my life in the fields peacefully. Who knew there was a father who was a county magistrate, so he was forced to enter the city from the country! There are so many things in the city. In order to have the right to speak at home, Daohua buys Zhuangzi, grows flowers, grows medicinal materials, and cultivates high-yield and high-quality grain seeds. This is to help the father, who has been a county magistrate for nine years, rise step by step. Let the Yan family, who came from a poor family, squeeze into the capital circle! This is a prosperous and prosperous struggle story of a poor daughter’s auxiliary family, and also a sweet love story of mutual accomplishment and growth together! Male protagonist: In front of outsiders, it is the jealous little prince, the domineering king Weiyuan, and in front of the female protagonist, it is a counseling gentleman. Heroine: Everything is sober, warm-hearted and self-improving!

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