Picking Up a General is Good For Farming


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2880 Chapters · 26 Readers
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Author:A Ru

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Transmigration was reborn into a famous silly girl in the village, her father died, and her eight-month-old mother was bullied by the best relatives. What, she had to sell her younger brother and sister? Han Yingxue firmly disagrees! Split up! Han Yingxue rolled up his sleeves and decided to rely on the mountains to eat the mountains and the water to drink water. The days started to flourish. The man picked up from the mountain is actually a general! A certain man smiled and hugged her thigh, “Miss, I don’t care about generals, I just like to follow you to farm in the countryside!”


TitlePicking Up a General is Good For Farming
Raw Title景秀农女:捡个将军好种田
Addition DateSeptember 30, 2022
AuthorA Ru
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TagsAncient China,Beautiful Female Lead,Chefs,Doting Love Interests,Farming,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Modern Knowledge,Royalty,Transmigration