Rebirth in a Perfect Era重生完美时代

1972 Chapters
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1972 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Gong Zi Bu Ge

Novel Summary

Veteran programmer Li Mu was unfortunately kicked by fate into the year 2001, right before university entrance examinations. He happily shook his butt, got up, and inevitably stepped onto the road of being spectacular. As a person re-living his life Li Mu had his own goals and ambitions. Earning money was just the primary stage of becoming amazing. As for getting into the weekly publication of Times Magazine, becoming a master in the IT industry, and aiming for being on the Forbes Magazine list, they could all only be considered as his life’s instermediate stage. As for what he considered the highest realm of being a phenomenal, Li Mu felt like there were the following three points: • Becoming a rich man’s idol. • Becoming a celebrity’s godfather. • Becoming an extraordinary person’s father.


TitleRebirth in a Perfect Era
Raw Title重生完美时代
AuthorGong Zi Bu Ge
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