Start With a Super Villa开局从一栋超级别墅开始

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727 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Mao Zhua Lao Hu

Novel Summary

The hostess asked: “Why are you so rich?” “All from the tenant” “Then how many houses do you have?” “I only have one set” “If you have a house, how many tenants can you have?” “Probably hundreds of thousands” “…” Yunfan, who was originally a salted fish, suddenly acquired a super villa. The villa was free to add and expand at will. Solicit tenants as much as you want, and a towering building rises up unknowingly!


TitleStart With a Super Villa
Raw Title开局从一栋超级别墅开始
Addition DateOctober 10, 2022
AuthorMao Zhua Lao Hu
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TagsArrogant Characters,Cautious Protagonist,Cooking,Evil Organizations,Gate to Another World,Interdimensional Travel,Late Romance,Lawyers,Nationalism,Pets,Poor to Rich,Shameless Protagonist,Sudden Wealth,System Administrator,Younger Sisters,Male Protagonist