Fancy Manual for Teasing the Male God


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1546 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Wan Sha

Novel Summary

Qin Wansha completed countless tasks to return to reality but finally ended up being absorbed by the Lord God. After waking up again, Qin Wansha no longer expected to leave the space of the Lord God. Hiding, destroying the mainline of the world, and taking the energy of that world as her own. She will let the Lord God know what a terrible thing will happen if she is not wiped out. Wait, who are you? Why do you always appear by my side? Do we know each other?


TitleFancy Manual for Teasing the Male God
Raw Title快穿:花式撩男神手册
Addition DateOctober 11, 2022
AuthorWan Sha
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TagsAbusive Characters,Acting,Amnesia,Ancient Times,Apocalypse,Artificial Intelligence,Beautiful Female Lead,Celebrities,Charismatic Protagonist,Clever Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Episodic,Female Protagonist,Futuristic Setting,Handsome Male Lead,Modern Day,Multiple Realms,Power Couple,Rape Victim Becomes Lover,Revenge,Schemes And Conspiracies,Second Chance,Showbiz,Sword And Magic,Transmigration,Virtual Reality,World Hopping