100 Ways to Get the Male God


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2187 Chapters · 36 Readers
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The devilishly, charming villain’s lips curled up and he said: “Kiss me, hug me, hold me.” The cold, icy beauty’s eyelashes lowered slightly: “You said you would marry me, you can’t take it back.” The yandere youngster’s eyes were deep and dark, raising his eyebrows and laughing softly: “Other than by my side, where do you still want to go?” …… Yu Chu felt helpless and could only ask for help from the Main God: “My Lord, your soul shards are always flirting with me, but I don’t want to be flirted with, what do you think I should do about it– Huh? Yeah, I really don’t want to be flirted with.” “Hey, wait wait….. Don’t be angry, hey, don’t feel wronged either, holy crap, don’t act cute and spoiled—okay okay, I’ll let you flirt, I’ll let you flirt alright??”


  • 100 Ways to Get the Male God
  • 快穿攻略:撩男神100式
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