Rebirth: Return of the Abandoned Young Man


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4058 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Three hundred years ago, Abandoned Shaozhuo was deliberately thrown into the sea. Fortunately, he encountered Master He Xianzun passing by the earth, taking him away from the earth to cultivate in the interstellar, sweeping the world! Three hundred years later, Zhuo Bufan failed to overcome the catastrophe, and he was reborn as a young urban boy with a powerful posture. He fought against the mountains and rivers and made up for regrets… In the face of his frosty wife who is like a strange road, the mother who suffered humiliation in the family, the prince Hao Xiong He vowed to let the world surrender to his feet in this life!


  • Rebirth: Return of the Abandoned Young Man
  • 重生弃少归来
Addition DateOctober 12, 2022
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