Grasping Evil执魔

1290 Chapters
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1290 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Wo Shi Mo Shui

Novel Summary

Master said, the woman I held in my hands, I must protect for the rest of my life Master said, it’s hard to cultivate as a Demon, and once you enter the Demon Dao, you should never look back. Master said, Heaven is a Circle and the Earth is a Square; that Circle represents (is) consummate perfection, and that Square represents (is) the edges and corners of one’s Heart, it’s a rebellion against Fate, a Disobedience to Heaven. My master is named Ning Fan, he’s not a person, he’s merely a Butterfly who has entered Demonhood. He was searching for someone. No one knew who he was searching for. No one knew how long he would search for…


TitleGrasping Evil
Raw Title执魔
Addition DateFebruary 20, 2022
AuthorWo Shi Mo Shui
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TagsAnal,Absent Parents,Accelerated Growth,Adopted Protagonist,Age Progression,Alchemy,Animal Characteristics,Antihero Protagonist,Appearance Changes,Appearance Different from Actual Age,Army,Army Building,Artifacts,Battle Competition,Beast Companions,Beasts,Beautiful Female Lead,Bickering Couple,Blood Manipulation,Bloodlines,Body Tempering,Buddhism,Calm Protagonist,Caring Protagonist,Clones,Comedic Undertone,Confident Protagonist,Cultivation,Cunning Protagonist,Dao Comprehension,Death of Loved Ones,Demonic Cultivation Technique,Demons,Destiny,Determined Protagonist,Dragons,Dreams,Early Romance,Elemental Magic,Enemies Become Allies,Enemies Become Lovers,Enlightenment,Famous Protagonist,Fantasy World,Fast Cultivation,First Love,Fellatio,Genius Protagonist,Ghosts,Handsome Male Lead,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harsh Training,Heavenly Tribulation,Hiding True Identity,Handjob,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Immortals,Inheritance,Inscriptions,Kuudere,Long Separations,Loyal Subordinates,Lucky Protagonist,Magic Formations,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Master-Disciple Relationship,Master-Servant Relationship,Mature Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Monsters,Multiple Identities,Multiple Realms,Mysterious Past,Older Love Interests,Outer Space,Past Plays a Big Role,Pill Concocting,Polygamy,Popular Love Interests,Proactive Protagonist,Prophecies,Protagonist with Multiple Bodies,Reincarnation,Revenge,Reverse Rape,Romantic Subplot,Rape,Sadistic Characters,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sentient Objects,Servants,Sexual Cultivation Technique,Sharp-tongued Characters,Skill Assimilation,Skill Creation,Sex Slaves,Soul Power,Spatial Manipulation,Spirit Advisor,Stoic Characters,Strength-based Social Hierarchy,Strong Love Interests,Sword Wielder,Threesome,Time Manipulation,Tragic Past,Tsundere,Unconditional Love,Weak to Strong,World Travel,Younger Love Interests