The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute


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648 Chapters · 21 Readers
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(This article through ancient times, strong alliance, double clean, mutual favor 1v1) She is Chu Luo, the most powerful priest of the “Fengtian” kingdom. She looks at the heavens and sees the secrets of heaven and kills life and death. Once in life and death, she was born again in another world, who was about to graduate from high school, and because she failed to confess, she was about to jump off the building to commit suicide, Chu Luo. Father does not love his mother or his mother, his sister bullies, and his classmates are cold and violent… The corner of Chu Luo’s mouth raised an indifferent arc: Very good, anyone who dares to bully this priest will be killed without mercy! —— later…… The priest is only passionate about three things. 1. First, get various certificate awards. 2. Treat all kinds of dissatisfaction. Third, act like a baby to Li Yan. —— Li Yan, the king of the business empire, cold-blooded, ruthless, violent temperament, denied by his six relatives, and called Sha Shen in private. It is rumored that he burned half of his family in a fire a few years ago, and he was cursed and disabled his legs. —— after that…… Everyone was horrified to find that the evil god and the witch were together! The evil god has become a beloved wife mad demon! Snippet: Li Ye: My Luoluo is delicate and expensive. Who dares to bully her, I will let him go to hell every minute. A group of experts who were wailed and howled by Chu Luo: Lord Li, are you always afraid that your eyes are sick? Li Ye: My Luoluo doesn’t like to study, so take care of it. Teachers of various majors: Is it someone else who stomped the first place in our class? (This article is purely fictitious, please don’t be true!)


  • The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute
  • 盛世豪门之夫人又凶又萌
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