God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times神级回收,人在地窟,亿万倍暴击

643 Chapters
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643 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Bai Zhan Chuan Lu Jia

Novel Summary

There are countless fierce beasts in the cave world! Ye Nan crosses the Blue Star and obtains a multi-million-fold crit recovery system. Ten times, twenty times, thirty times… billions of times crit! In the crypt, Ye Nan looked at a grandmaster-level fierce beast golden armor monitor lizard. “Ding! Recovery succeeded!” “A million times crit!” “One billion yuan stone!” “Emperor Rank War Sword Chi Yan!” “Meta Skill Mad Dragon Swallowing Breath Technique!” “Shadow talent!” Through the recovery of the beast, Ye Nan’s strength continued to grow stronger, but his journey was not Blue Star, and the entire… universe!


TitleGod-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times
Raw Title神级回收,人在地窟,亿万倍暴击
Addition DateOctober 14, 2022
AuthorBai Zhan Chuan Lu Jia
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TagsArrogant Characters,Cheats,Cold Protagonist,Fast Cultivation,Handsome Male Lead,Multiple Realms,Overpowered Protagonist,System Administrator,Male Protagonist