Invincible’s Most Powerful Divine Selection System


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2102 Chapters · 57 Readers
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Author:Tiao Wu De Sha Mao

Novel Summary

“If you were given a chance to start again, what choice would you make?” [Option 1: Happy dead fat house, happy every day, paper talents are true love.] [Option 2: Cultivation in the world of immortality, ask for longevity, a peerless sword fairy] [Choice 3: Daowu World, start a school and establish a faction, invincible sovereign] [Choice 4: Fantasy Continent, the strong will be reborn, the gods of heaven, and the peak again.] [Choice 5: Devil Continent, Demon Master.] [Choice 6: King over the world, a fantasy world, the supreme divine dynasty, I want to be the emperor.] Chu Yuan: “I’m too difficult, I want to be the emperor.” System: “Isn’t it good to be a dead man?” “Is it bad to be an emperor? I still want to be an emperor.” system:”……” “Congratulations to the host for choosing six, a king over the world, a fantasy world, a supreme sacred dynasty, I want to be the emperor.” “God-level destiny selection system is starting…”


TitleInvincible’s Most Powerful Divine Selection System
Raw Title无敌之最强神级选择系统
Addition DateSeptember 17, 2022
AuthorTiao Wu De Sha Mao
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