The Rebirth of the Plant Controller in Online Games网游重生之植物掌控者

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1923 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Liu Yue Ting Tao

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Who said that only the game world can affect the real world? The real world can also affect the game world. The first thing Lin Chuan has to do when he is reborn and returns to the origin is to find a way to enter the game and become an NPC. Who said that botanists have no attack power? Watch my trumpet bud seeds kill everywhere! Who said that a botanist is useless, and no one wants a copy? I am proficient in killing enemies, trapping enemies, and treating them.


TitleThe Rebirth of the Plant Controller in Online Games
Raw Title网游重生之植物掌控者
Addition DateOctober 16, 2022
AuthorLiu Yue Ting Tao
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TagsElves,Evil Gods,God Protagonist,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,Second Chance,Slow Growth at Start,Virtual Reality