Rebirth Of The Noble Mage Behind The Scenes


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754 Chapters · 55 Readers
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After getting ready for the journey, the storyline mage Gao Wan Xia Yuan from the previous life became an NPC, and was the fourth son of the new prince of the empire! He wanted to welcome the boring aristocratic life, but never expected that the times would change! As the final obstacle, the family has been labelled as a villain by the new aristocracy and will soon be crushed by the general trend of history! Reluctantly, Xia Yuan had to rely on his understanding of the history of the game to gradually strengthen his own strength. Lost treasures, forbidden ancient weapons, secrets of immortality, forgotten epics… Turn the tide of the times with your own efforts! Change your fate against the sky! Rise from the ashes! … The knight swears, the mage sings, the dragon spreads its wings! Pursue magic and truth, and control the destiny of yourself and the times! Standing in the clouds, floating in the sky, the throne of the sky! The bell rang, and the signs finally appeared. It’s time for the stars to return to their place–


  • Rebirth Of The Noble Mage Behind The Scenes
  • 重生幕后贵族法师
Addition DateNovember 20, 2022
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