I Have a Doomsday City我有一座末日城

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1750 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Tou Fa Diao Liao

Novel Summary

“Is this a game or was it penetrated by aliens?” “It’s too scary. Those who die in the game will actually die in the real world!” “His, the whole city is mine, and there is something else that can be taken out of the game and brought into the real world. Song Jian walked aimlessly through the empty city, accompanied by him, only a mutant zombies and monsters, and his only purpose now is how to survive in such a zombie city.


TitleI Have a Doomsday City
Raw Title我有一座末日城
Addition DateOctober 17, 2022
AuthorTou Fa Diao Liao
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TagsAlternate World,Apocalypse,Childish Protagonist,Dungeons,Game Elements,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,World Hopping