The Black Technology Chat Group of the Ten Thousand Realms万界黑科技聊天群

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549 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Huo Dong

Novel Summary

Lu Zixin has a Black Technology Chat Group of the Ten Thousand Realms , and the group members are the science and technology giants of the world. Tony Stark : “Group owner, I will send this War Machine Mark II Armor to you!” Red Queen : “Group owner, do you want to try the latest T virus ?” Skynet : “Group owner, where is your world? I am going to destroy it.” Bruce Wayne : “The Batmobile is simply used to pick up girls and today I have a great girl. Do you want to see it ?” Vega Punk : “Recently synthesized a new demon fruit, does the group want to try an experiment ?” Little Spidey : “I don’t care, I don’t care, do not send me the red envelope, I will retreat!” . . . Lu Zixin : “A group of lawless people, be careful with me!”


TitleThe Black Technology Chat Group of the Ten Thousand Realms
Raw Title万界黑科技聊天群
Addition DateOctober 18, 2022
AuthorHuo Dong
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TagsArtificial Intelligence,Chat Rooms,Cultivation,Hackers,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Modern Knowledge,Multiple Realms,Nationalism,Poor to Rich,Racism,Underestimated Protagonist,Weak to Strong