Global Descent into the Crypt World: A Divine-Level Decomposer


190 Chapters
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190 Chapters · 39 Readers
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Author:Huo Dong

Novel Summary

Humans all over the world have come to a mysterious world full of crypts. Everyone starts a hole with a shovel. If they want to survive, they dig everywhere and go to other holes to find resources. Xia Chengfeng, who has already cleared “The Cavern World”, is overjoyed and chooses the decomposer talent at the start. And rely on divination to predict good and bad luck in advance. “Divining the hole above, a sign of doom, the undead neighing in the hole!” “Divining the hole on the left, a lucky sign, the sweet berries are already ripe.” “Decompose the ruined goblin bones and get the soul crystal +1.” “Decompose the primitive knight’s sword to get mithril +10 and strength rune +1.” … In this cruel global alien survival test, a decomposer rises strongly!


TitleGlobal Descent into the Crypt World: A Divine-Level Decomposer
Raw Title全球降临异界:神级分解师
Addition DateNovember 3, 2022
AuthorHuo Dong
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