I Have a Big Problem with My Hogwarts


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529 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Da Hai Chuan

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“Happy education is not desirable.” “As long as it is learning, it must be boring.” “In the future, they will thank themselves for their hard work now.” “We will add morning and evening self-study for students in grades three to six, and supervise them to practice mantra recitation and dictate mantra theory every day.” “Even wizards must ensure that they have qualified physical fitness. Inter-get out of class exercises should be added after the second class every morning.” “The school holds only one Quidditch competition every year. It’s too simple. We should add track and field games once a year.” “Barabara…” “…” The spiritual leader of the new era wizards, the professional wizard advocates, the founder of the wizarding union, the pioneer of magic civilization, the changer, the destroyer, the sickle bearer, the blood relative of the demon king, the first president of the Hogwarts reorganization student union… Lin En Bellock persuaded Dumbledore with all his heart.


TitleI Have a Big Problem with My Hogwarts
Raw Title我的霍格沃茨大有问题
Addition DateOctober 20, 2022
AuthorDa Hai Chuan
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TagsCunning Protagonist,Fanfiction,Late Romance,Magic,Male Protagonist,Politics,System,Wizards,Harry Potter