The daughter of a wealthy family who had been reborn earned a lot of money重生之豪门千金赚大钱

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1349 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Yin Yi Yu

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Her wedding became her funeral. I don’t know when the different sisters and fiance got together. They did it all the time. They were disfigured, raped, plagiarized, father’s accidental death… all of this… it turned out that they did it. She regretted believing in someone wrong, and misunderstanding the person who loved herself… Once reborn, she returned to high school. She is a schoolmaster, takes big prizes, fights the elder sister, the confession of the scumbag, gets off, the lie of the younger sister, all of them are broken, facing the shadow of rape, she comes to recruit, the chicken stews mushrooms, the grand party, she is another blockbuster , She is strong, she opened a shop, bought land, and made a lot of money to be the boss, but in front of him, she was a little woman he loved. “Hei Di, Madam ran out again, saying that she would make a lot of money to buy milk powder” The man’s veins protruded, “Here again, catch it back and open a bank to give her’”


TitleThe daughter of a wealthy family who had been reborn earned a lot of money
Raw Title重生之豪门千金赚大钱
Addition DateOctober 21, 2022
AuthorYin Yi Yu
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TagsChildcare,Doting Love Interests,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Second Chance