Bringing My Whole Family Out to Fight Monsters in the Apocalypse末世重生之我带全家去打怪

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995 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Qi Sheng Man Man

Novel Summary

The female protagonist Su Jin was reborn after belching in the last days and returned to a month before the end of the world, so she began to stock up and stock up again. The family thought that Su Jin was stimulated after marriage, and was preparing to organize a group to beat the “scumbag”, only to find out The world has changed, and all the air tickets and money in hand have become waste paper… It’s our pro Su Jin who has a vision~~ The family sat in Su Jin’s space and exclaimed. At this moment, Su Jin’s husband, Lu Hao, was followed by a few bitter-faced team members, and one team member was silently breaking his fingers: “This is the 212th time the captain has lost his way in search of his wife…”


TitleBringing My Whole Family Out to Fight Monsters in the Apocalypse
Raw Title末世重生之我带全家去打怪
AuthorQi Sheng Man Man
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TagsApocalypse,Arranged Marriage,Familial Love,Complex Family Relationships,Cultivation,Devoted Love Interests,Doting Love Interests,Doting Parents,Farming,Handsome Male Lead,Magical Space,Power Couple,Pregnancy,Second Chance,Zombies,Female Protagonist