Magic Eye Warlock


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887 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Xi Tong Ta Ge

Novel Summary

Yan Chong, a third-year high school student, has been troubled by the same strange dream for a long time. However, one day, he suddenly discovered that his eyes had mutated and he could see everyone’s attribute panel. Moreover, the dream was no longer a dream, but a real world of Gaowu. What’s even more powerful is that he can travel back and forth at will, bringing the techniques and treasures of other worlds back to earth! When one day, the earth’s spiritual tide recovers, foreign enemies invade, and geniuses are vying to be born, and a vigorous world opens. The legendary bigwig Yan Chong, sitting behind the scenes, dominates all this.


TitleMagic Eye Warlock
Raw Title魔眼术士
Addition DateOctober 22, 2022
AuthorXi Tong Ta Ge
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TagsAbility Steal,Bloodlines,Cheats,Dragons,Eye Powers,Interdimensional Travel,Kingdoms,Magic,Male Protagonist,Nationalism,Racism,Skill Assimilation,Weak to Strong,Wizards