Rebirth: Business Queen重生之商业女帝皇

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977 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Wu Yue Zi Ding Xiang

Novel Summary

After three generations, two failed loves. Xiao Yao felt like a tragic love failure. The starting point of everything started ten years ago before rebirth. She doesn’t believe in love anymore. She swore that she would protect her family well, so she would hurry up and make money. Therefore, she worked hard and worked hard to apply what the master gave. Since then, she has judged the past and looked at the future, cut life and death, and never lied. She has made friends with celebrities from all walks of life. A pair of discerning eyes has eliminated all obstacles, achieved the name of a genius doctor, and created the beginning of a business empire. A master wearing a butterfly ghost mask, the name of Shura, makes black and white people feel scared, but she is an underworld boss. A pair of slender hands held the lifeline of the country, making the leaders of the country hate and love, but helpless. Since then, her business empire began to become a mythical miracle, and the legend began. Introduction one: In a luxurious banquet hall, a certain mayor’s daughter, wearing a red dress, looked at a young master approaching, “Young Master Leng, hello, I’m…” A young master shouted without raising his eyelids “Assistant Lin” a helper ran over “Master, look for…” “Throw her out to me.” “Master, she’s the daughter of Mayor Wu, she…” An assistant just wanted to say that she didn’t do anything against the sky, right? “I don’t care who she is.” A young man glanced at the entrance of the Yanhui Hall, saw a woman wearing a red dress with a half-blush birthmark coming over, and glanced at a certain daughter’s red eyes, and a daughter thought that a young man had changed his mind and took a fancy to it. I was just about to act like a spoiled child, but the next second she fainted from fright, “Take off her dress and throw it out.” An assistant was anxious. “Master, the master will split me.” An assistant said with tears in his eyes. It’s always him who is unlucky. “If you delay my meeting with my daughter-in-law, the old lady will hack him.” A young master said confidently. An assistant is speechless, let the master hack me As soon as a certain woman came in, she saw a mayor arguing with several security guards, so she asked Mr. “what happened,” “She delayed my time to greet Yao’er, so I had her thrown out.” A certain child said angrily. A certain woman looked at the sky silently, oh, looking at the ceiling, silently mourning for a certain daughter for three seconds. — Introduction 2 A certain three-year-old boy and cute baby, blinking his big round eyes and pulling at a certain young man’s sleeve, asked curiously, “Dad, Dad, I heard from my mother that a long, long time ago, you didn’t even fart a single fart, how come you are now an old woman nagging.” A certain young man was furious, holding the little boy and cute baby on the sofa, popping The voice of … suddenly sounded “Stinky boy, put a fart in your mouth to see.” The little boy Mengwa cried aggrievedly. He just wanted to ask his father if he really didn’t fart before, why he was beaten now. 【statement】 1. This story is purely fictitious. Dear readers, please do not take it too seriously. If you have any comments or suggestions, please put forward them euphemistically. 2. All the stories about medicine and metaphysics and Yili in this article are fictional stories or stories collected from the Internet. There are many exaggerations and deficiencies. If you are an expert, please laugh.


TitleRebirth: Business Queen
Raw Title重生之商业女帝皇
Addition DateOctober 24, 2022
AuthorWu Yue Zi Ding Xiang
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