Sign in for a Thousand Years and Then Make a God签到千年然后一剑封神

130 Chapters
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130 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Yin Shi Jian Feng

Novel Summary

After crossing into the world where immortals and demons are rampant, Qin Feng is mediocre. He thought that after joining Taixuanzong, he could only guard the unmanned Gufeng. But I never wanted to get the sign-in system accidentally. As long as you sign in different places, you will get various rewards. “Ding! Master signed in at the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion and obtained the Primordial Chaos Sword Body!” “Ding! Master sign in at the training hall and get a resurrection pill!” “Ding! Master signed in at the Zongmen Cemetery and got…” ….. In this way, Qin Feng signed in Taixuanzong for a thousand consecutive years. Knowing that one day, foreigners invaded and the sect was facing annihilation. Suddenly a sword sound came from the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.


TitleSign in for a Thousand Years and Then Make a God
Raw Title签到千年然后一剑封神
Addition DateOctober 24, 2022
AuthorYin Shi Jian Feng
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TagsFast Cultivation,Hidden Abilities,Low-key Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Sword Wielder,System