Empress: My Husband Killed The Immortal Emperor After 10 Years Of Seclusion


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433 Chapters · 41 Readers
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Author:Yi Quan Meng Wang

Novel Summary

Li Xuan traveled through the world of immortality and opened the apprentice system, and both apprentices and apprentices could be rewarded for upgrading. 【Ding! Accepting apprentice Qin Yue, reward you: Innate Divine Power] 【Ding! Accept the apprentice Zhao Tian, ​​reward you: call the wind and call the rain] 【Ding! Apprentice upgrade, reward you: space shuttle] …. Li Xuan, who accepted a bunch of apprentices, evolved infinitely in seclusion. Ten years later, the Devil Emperor invaded and wanted to sacrifice the whole world, but no one could stop it. The disciples watched the world fall into despair in pain. At this time, Li Xuan appeared and slashed a sword against the Demon Emperor under the watchful eyes of the public. Boom! The sky fell apart, the invincible Demon Emperor fell on the spot, and the entire dark world was swept away by a sword. The disciples were horrified. It turned out that the strongest person in the world was actually the master who had been in seclusion for ten years.


TitleEmpress: My Husband Killed The Immortal Emperor After 10 Years Of Seclusion
Raw Title女帝:夫君隐居十年,一剑斩仙帝
Addition DateAugust 25, 2022
AuthorYi Quan Meng Wang
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