One Piece’s Strongest Ice Dragon


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783 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Da Shu L

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Young clerk Loya crossed and came to the world of the legendary OP. As a traversal party, he naturally had golden fingers, but his golden fingers turned out to be the dragon annihilator system from the demon tail! Is still the ice dragon dragon wizard! ————- What interesting chemical reactions occur when two worlds with completely different power systems touch together? When the laser of the ape meets the roar of the ice dragon, what will it look like? When the green pheasant saw the mouth of the dysentery being eaten by a mouthful, what kind of stunned? “If it wasn’t for fear of becoming a dragon, I would have unified the world!” Said Loya. “Don’t you dare say that you are seasick?” Carp buttoned his nostrils and smiled dismissively.


TitleOne Piece’s Strongest Ice Dragon
Raw Title海贼王之最强冰龙
Addition DateOctober 25, 2022
AuthorDa Shu L
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