Pirates Start To Become the Son of the Warring States海贼开局成为战国之子

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551 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Tao Fu

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Crossing Pirates became Doflamingo’s younger brother Luo Xindi, facing the situation of being killed by Doflamingo three shots in a few years. Luo Nandi said he didn’t panic at all, who made his godfather be the Warring States Period of Buddha, and he was born with a system… A few years later, Luo Xindi looked at Doflamingo who was panicked: Yo~ You wear such a fan, my stupid brother, everyone calls you what a bird (qiao)~ This article is also known as “I took the League of Legends equipment system in the world of One Piece and inherited the will of my godfather to become the king of the navy. The story of the pirates and the world government mega-shaking the world! 》 PS: This book does not defect to the navy. Book Friends Exchange Group: 660413925


TitlePirates Start To Become the Son of the Warring States
Raw Title海贼开局成为战国之子
Addition DateOctober 31, 2022
AuthorTao Fu
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TagsClever Protagonist,Fanfiction,Late Romance,Male Protagonist,Strong to Stronger,System,One Piece