Rebirth of the Chief Male God: Inverse Young, Addicted To Pets重生首席男神:逆少,宠上瘾

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1945 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Qing Kong Xi Lan

Novel Summary

“He” is a sissy who was bullied and scolded by everyone. She changed her body and became the most dazzling and most insecure male god in the entertainment industry. The left-handed pill and the right-handed magic weapon are obsessed by colleagues, and the whole people are crazy about it! Star A: I want to stay in shape.-Slimming pills, to keep you in the best shape without side effects. Star B: The paparazzi is too annoying.——The disguise mask, the appearance and body shape are all changed, even the mother does not recognize you. Fans yelled: literary and martial arts, tough guys can be soft and cute, can tear paparazzi, get resources, dote on fans… it’s just a child! A certain man is domineering: She can give birth! And it’s my child!


TitleRebirth of the Chief Male God: Inverse Young, Addicted To Pets
Raw Title重生首席男神:逆少,宠上瘾
Addition DateOctober 29, 2022
AuthorQing Kong Xi Lan
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TagsCelebrities,Complex Family Relationships,Cross-dressing,Cultivation,Family Conflict,Fantasy Creatures,Female Protagonist,Hiding True Identity,Magical Space,Medical Knowledge,Schemes And Conspiracies,Showbiz,Wealthy Characters