Urban Supreme System都市至尊系统

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1698 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Yi Meng Yi Jie

Novel Summary

China’s top giant Yang family, the only male is actually a nameless waste? Still a hard-working man without a woman? absurd! The supreme system possesses a gorgeous turn around. Push Gao Fushuai horizontally, counterattack Bai Fumei, and make a name for yourself! In Yang Ning’s words, the problems that points can solve are not a problem! …


TitleUrban Supreme System
Raw Title都市至尊系统
Addition DateOctober 30, 2022
AuthorYi Meng Yi Jie
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Monthly Rank#1606
All Time Rank#1656
TagsAdapted to Manhua,Arranged Marriage,Beautiful Female Lead,Complex Family Relationships,Cultivation,Eye Powers,Handsome Male Lead,Late Romance,Poor to Rich,Siblings Not Related by Blood,System Administrator,World Hopping