Supreme Conquering System


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4752 Chapters · 117 Readers
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Yo, it’s gone, it’s okay, I have a system. Yo, the prince wants to hurt me, it’s okay, I have a system. Yo, the enemy country is invading, it’s okay, I have a system. Yo, Concubine is waiting for me in the bedroom, it’s okay, I have… ahem… I’ll do it myself. You said that your subordinates are like clouds and counselors are like smoke? It’s okay, my subordinates also have countless followers recruited by the system. You said you have a peerless killer? It’s okay, come on, Byakuya, cut him! You said you have an invincible general under your team? It’s okay, go on, Huo Qubing, fuck him! You said you have a master of illusion? It’s okay, come on, Itachi, fuck him! Now, Qin Yi is considering a very important thing. When the enchanting Daji, my king Saber, placed in front of him. Does he summon all or all? This is a story about Qin Yi’s rebirth in Tianyao Continent, conquering the sky, conquering the land, conquering the sea and the air, and finally conquering everything.


  • Supreme Conquering System
  • 无上征服系统
Addition DateSeptember 12, 2022
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