Abyss Demon of the Worlds


2374 Chapters
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2374 Chapters · 31 Readers
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Author:Lu Guo Er Ci Yuan

Novel Summary

Born in the bottomless abyss, abandoning everything in the past. In the midst of killing and destruction, ascend to the highest throne with blood and fire! I am the king of death and plague that corrupts the world, I am the demon god who burns all things to guide the end, I am the evil root of the pollution rules and degenerate all living beings, I am the devil who kills the Buddha and invades the way of heaven. It is also the opposite of all order, the lord of the bottomless abyss! ! !


TitleAbyss Demon of the Worlds
Raw Title诸界之深渊恶魔
Addition DateOctober 30, 2022
AuthorLu Guo Er Ci Yuan
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All Time Rank#226
TagsAnti-social Protagonist,Antihero Protagonist,Army Building,Cheats,Cosmic Wars,Cruel Characters,Demon Lord,Demons,Depictions of Cruelty,Evil Gods,Evil Protagonist,Evolution,Fanfiction,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hell,Interdimensional Travel,Magic,Male Protagonist,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Reincarnation,System,Time Skip,World Travel