80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)


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950 Chapters · 16 Readers
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This novel is also known as My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool[Shuangjie, one-on-one, love after marriage, sweet and sweet text] In her previous life, Chu Qiao followed her father at home and her husband when she married. She worked hard without complaining. When she was in childbirth, she was lying on the operating table. Her mother-in-law, husband and stepson gave up her, and she died. Back at the age of 21, she had not married her selfish and vicious ex-husband, but her stepmother tried every means to force her to marry her for profit. Chu Qiao wanted to establish her own business, so she had to register her hukou in the city, but her stepmother kept forcing her to marry her. Man, when there was no way out, the ex-husband’s hot-tempered uncle, Gu Ye, jumped out to propose marriage. “Marry me and let that dead calf call you auntie!” Chu Qiao was moved, thinking that her ex-husband was a generation shorter than her, and she could never raise her head in front of her, she felt inexplicably happy, and it was okay to get married. Gu Ye has been an overlord since he was a child, and he ignores women. Everyone says that he will be a bachelor in his life. Gu Ye also thinks so, but one day, he bumped into Chu Qiao and dried up his heart for 27 years. , gushing out the sweet fountain of love. Every cell of Chu Qiao grows in his heart. She is a tailor-made daughter-in-law for him. She has to turn her back home when she says anything. How far other men go! ​​


  • 80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)
  • 八零媳妇又甜又飒
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