Wilderness Challenge for Live Broadcast


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1025 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Tu Tu Shi

Novel Summary

I once walked on the ridge of the roof of the world: the icy ridge of Mount Everest; It has also crossed the dead desert: the deserted area of the Salah Desert; I used to parachute into the Swallow Cave from a height of 10,000 meters; Also dived into the deep sea of the Bermuda Triangle, a hundred meters deep, to fight undersea sharks! My name is Xu Xu, a Chinese, and the wildest anchor in the world. You can call me Xu Ye. Now, I am broadcasting live in the Americas, the world’s largest tropical rain forest. As you can see, I’m all over and I just wear it. A pair of shorts, yes, I didn’t even wear shoes. This time, I’m going to challenge without any items and survive in the rainforest for 60 days!


TitleWilderness Challenge for Live Broadcast
Raw Title直播之荒野挑战
Addition DateOctober 31, 2022
AuthorTu Tu Shi
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TagsAdventurers,Male Protagonist,Slow Romance,Survival,System,Transmigration,Weak to Strong