My Little Mom is the Richest我的小妈是首富

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1580 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Wo Yao Tai Zi Fei

Novel Summary

He has a little mother known as the “stock god” and “business godmother”, who controls the world’s largest group, and both group assets and personal assets are at the top of the world. He also has a sister-in-law who has been in the military area for training since he was young, and has repeatedly made military exploits at a young age. He also has an aunt, a terrifying woman who is known as the “goddess” in the martial arts circles.


TitleMy Little Mom is the Richest
Raw Title我的小妈是首富
Addition DateOctober 9, 2022
AuthorWo Yao Tai Zi Fei
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All Time Rank#744
TagsAccelerated Growth,Celebrities,Evil Gods,Gamers,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hot-blooded Protagonist,Incest,Love at First Sight,Military,Modern Day,Nationalism,Polygamy,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Racism,Siblings Not Related by Blood,System Administrator,Threesome,Transmigration,Male Protagonist