Hello, Mr. School Prince


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1867 Chapters · 11 Readers
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What’s it like to live with a demon? At any time, everywhere ashamed! She covered her swollen lips with caution, “Xi Huangzi Gu. You, what are you doing?” “Kissing my wife.” “You Hentai!, I am a man!!!” He laughed evilly at her and tore her clothes. “You are not a man, are you a freak or a eunuch? Or a hybrid eunuch? ” She is the pampered young master from the Ling household, even more than that, she is the popular Playboy Bishounen school prince, but no one knows that she is actually a young lady, not young master, yeah she is a girl. and that was Until she was forced to live with this Devil School Prince, Playboy Bishounen meet the Devil, she can’t tell about her identity, and if she left him to do anything he wants, her tofu is left how much ah? While she was sleeping, he steals a kiss at her, touching her, and don’t forget about him peeping on her, living with him and sleep with him on the same bed, he gropes her in various place, and that’s really terrible!!!

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