Ultimate Martial Divine King武极神王

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1743 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Ai Xia De Yu

Novel Summary

A youth crept on the ground in a snowy night. Hours ago, his tendons were cut because the girl he liked plotted against him. A mysterious middle-aged man saved him, and a pair of gigantic purple pupils appeared in the sky. Under the thunders and lights, the rare Demon Pupils and Sacred Body were awakened. That was what he should have been. However, in this world, strength was the only way to support a man to live. His adoptive father died for covering him. His true love fell into the abyss for saving him. He wanted to rise up, to take revenge, and to protect the ones he cared about. Occasionally did a strange figure confuse him. Behind the huge demon pupils, he often saw a thirty thousand feet tall black figure. What was it? Who was that? It was said that the ultimate bloodline of the universe was the Primal Chaos Divine Body. It was a divine existence which could break the heavens and annihilate the world in a second. However, this sort of divine body had been extinct ten thousand years ago. Could it be that apart from the Sacred Body, there was another body in him?


TitleUltimate Martial Divine King
Raw Title武极神王
Addition DateNovember 2, 2022
AuthorAi Xia De Yu
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