End of the Magic Era末法王座

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1480 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Zhuang Bi Fan

Novel Summary

The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction. The last survivor transmigrated to the past, when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge. He, who came from the end of the magic era, aim to reach the pinnacle of magic.


TitleEnd of the Magic Era
Raw Title末法王座
Addition DateNovember 3, 2022
AuthorZhuang Bi Fan
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TagsAlchemy,Apocalypse,Elemental Magic,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Magic Beasts,Magic Formations,Multiple Realms,Weak to Strong,Sword And Magic,Time Travel,Transmigration,Underestimated Protagonist,Wizards,Male Protagonist