God Concubine Supreme


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1667 Chapters · 40 Readers
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This article female dressed as a man, double-strength and cool, welcome to jump! “He” was once the most dazzling genius in the Mu family, everyone admired and should not be chased. “He” is also the most humiliating existence of the Mu family, with all his muscles destroyed and degenerated into a waste! Falling dust from the clouds, expelled by the family, and bullied! Everyone knows that the phoenix nirvana, rebirth from the ashes! Once awakened, the sky trembled! Turn your hands into clouds, cover your hands as rain, condense the vitality, refine the divine body, engage with the divine beasts, gather the power of the stars, and hold the universe! The three young masters of the Mu family, with their peerless demeanor, attracted countless people to chase wildly! When standing in the highest position, everyone looked up and knew that-“he” was actually her! He has a mysterious background, unpredictable strength, unpredictable, and extremely proud, but he is the only one who can’t let go and can’t bear it. Thousands of people follow him, and he only follows that one person! That peerless jewel is only me-in the palm of my hand! Thousands of brilliance! Fragment 1: Mu Sanshao smiled and said, “Young Master Yun, I’m sorry, this time, Ben Shao is ahead of you again, this sacred beast pill…” Yun Yi was not surprised: “It’s yours.” Mu Sanshao smiled more intensely: “Young Master Yun is so bold. Then we found this soul fluid…” Yun Yi’s phoenix eyes drooped slightly: “It’s yours.” Mu Sanshao smiled from ear to ear: “Young Master Yun is a real hero! Although you found this ancient magic art first, this young master also contributed…” Yun Yi’s eyes were deep: “It’s yours.” “Whatever you want, as long as I have it, it belongs to you.” Mu Sanshao smiled. “But…” Before Mu Sanshao could react, Yun Yi raised his eyes, staring at Mu Sanshao, and said every word: “You-mine!” Fragment 2: Mu Sanshao knew that he had a good birth, and it was inevitable to recruit bees and butterflies. But she never thought of attracting such an enchanting evildoer as Yun Yi. The appearance is evil, the background is evil, the talent is evil, and even the interest is so evil! After chasing and fleeing for a long time, Mu Sanshao finally decided to have a good talk with him. “Young Master Yun,” Mu Sanshao said with difficulty, “I am a man, and you are also a man…” Yun Yi’s face was expressionless: “Yeah.” Mu Sanshao paused: “I won’t engage in foundation…” Yun Yi’s eyebrows remained motionless: “Yes.” Mu Sanshao: “…” Mu San Shao gritted his teeth: “Young Master Yun, do you have an opinion on our Mu family, who tossed my sister before and now toss me…” Yun Yi looked at her with a smile. “If you are a woman, I like women, and if you are a man, I like men. How?” Mu Sanshao looked at him tremblingly: “…birds…beasts!” Yun Yi understood, Zheng nodded: “Well, if you are a beast, I only like you.” In short, only you are you! Zhan Nishino’s new book fantasy romance masterpiece “Mr. Doctor’s Daughter: Emperor, please marry!” “Surprise! After rebirth, she regained her pinnacle! Biluohuangquan, he promised her a splendid splendor!


  • God Concubine Supreme
  • 逆天神妃至上
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