Medical Brocade Concentric


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1363 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Yi Yi Lan Xi

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The new book “Crossing the Wilderness: Couples in Another World Dominate by Farming!” 》Open pre-collection, please collect it! 2022.5.16 Open the pit! Dressed as a peasant woman, Su Jin gradually calmed down from fear and unwillingness, and was determined to live a good life with her cheap husband, but found that this cheap husband seemed a little strange. After the rebirth, Qin Lang was full of confusion: Wasn’t his daughter-in-law both disgusted and afraid of him, she saw him, mouse and cat, and finally eloped with someone? Why is the style not right? This is a story of a time-travelling woman who meets a reborn man, and finally falls in love with each other and never gives up. Book Friends Group (169598252), new book “After Being Forced to Marry His Ex-Fiancé” for support


TitleMedical Brocade Concentric
Raw Title医锦同心
Addition DateNovember 4, 2022
AuthorYi Yi Lan Xi
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TagsAncient China,Female Protagonist,Medical Knowledge,Modern Knowledge,Reincarnation,Transmigration