I Am the President of the University


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1843 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Xiang Yao Shang An De Yu

Novel Summary

After studying in a prestigious overseas university for eight years, Chen Hao finally regained the Guanghua University founded by his grandfather through some calculations. “Ding Dong! The prestigious school growth system is successfully bound!” After obtaining the system, Chen Hao discovered that the buildings produced through the system even had a buff bonus! Teaching Building: 200% increase in learning comprehension! Library: learning efficiency increased by 200%! Laboratory: 200% increase in scientific research capacity! … At the Nobel Prize award ceremony a few years later. Nobel Laureate in Physics made a speech: I would like to thank my alma mater Guanghua University and President Chen Hao. Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Nobel Prize winners in Medicine, Fields Medal winners, Turing Prize winners…all expressed their approval!


TitleI Am the President of the University
Raw Title我在大学当校长
Addition DateNovember 4, 2022
AuthorXiang Yao Shang An De Yu
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TagsAcademy,Business Management,College/University,Early Romance,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Nationalism,Racism,System