Summon the Mythical Emperor of the World


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737 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Hui Dao Yuan Chu

Novel Summary

Li Si opened his eyes and found himself sitting high on the dragon chair, with hundreds of civil and military officials, chanting long live long live long live. At this time, the strongest summoning system of the Ten Thousand Realms was activated. All the characters in the heavens and worlds can be summoned. Cao Zhengchun: “The courtiers and thieves, everyone gets punishable!” Bai Qi: “I see, I kill, I destroy!” Zhang Jiao: “Your Majesty, the fairy, call the wind, call the rain, and keep one side peaceful! The devil, the earth cracks, the sky collapses, the foundation of the chaos!” Zhuge Kongming: “Give the minister a seven-star lamp, change his fate for your majesty against the sky, continue the world forever, and live with the world!” … Monkey King: “My old grandson has a stick, which can be used for nine days, can crush the world, and for your majesty…to push the heavens and gods!” … Hongjun: “On the prehistoric continent, trillions of creatures, from saints to mundanes, are your Majesty’s people!”


TitleSummon the Mythical Emperor of the World
Raw Title召唤万界之神话帝皇
Addition DateNovember 6, 2022
AuthorHui Dao Yuan Chu
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TagsAncient China,Army Building,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Imperial Harem,Kingdom Building,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,Nationalism,Overpowered Protagonist,Pregnancy,Royalty,System