Wasteland Farming is To Save


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490 Chapters · 53 Readers
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Author:You Tu

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Chen Wangping, who traveled to the wasteland, got a wasteland farming game system that combines the elements of the Alien Factory, the Dyson Sphere Project, and Stardew Valley. As long as you save enough resources, you can create a series of super items according to the blueprint! 【Magnet】×1+【Copper wire】×1=【Magnetic coil】×1. 【Iron Sheet】×6+【Gear Set】×2+【Magnetic Coil】×4+【Copper Wire】×10=【Wind Generator】×1. 【Iron Plate】×5+【Wood】×5+【Magnetic Coil】×1=【Seed Finder】×1. 【Iron Plate】×2+【Animal Hair】×5+【Animal Tendon】×2=【Iron Fishing Rod】×1. … 【Phoenix Egg】×5+【Kui Cow Horn】×2+【Sun Seed】×5=【Artificial World Soil】×1. 【Titanium Alloy】×30+【Stellar Frame】×2+【Fusion Constrictor】×4+【Quantum Chip】×10=【Artificial Star】×1. In the face of this barren wasteland world where there are many forces, chaos and disorder, people’s hearts are floating, and living beings are ruined. Chen Wangping has only one wish: Don’t mess with me, let me save more resources. if you mess with me. Then your resources are mine. Book Friends Group: 778444298


TitleWasteland Farming is To Save
Raw Title废土种田就是要攒
Addition DateNovember 7, 2022
AuthorYou Tu
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TagsArtifact Crafting,Beasts,Farming,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,Post-apocalyptic,Slow Romance,Survival Game,System,Technological Gap,Transmigration,Weak to Strong