After the Full Level of the Profession全职业满级之后(全本)

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714 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Bian Hua Wu Qiong

Novel Summary

Robb has played for several years in a game that allows players to freely change jobs. He has all the proficiency of all professions. He has established the largest guild in the whole server, played through the most difficult dungeons, and singled out epic bosses. Participated in a great power war of a thousand people… When he had no pursuit and prepared to retreat, he accidentally crossed into a different world of swords and magic, and inherited all the abilities brushed out in the game. What’s the point of adventure? I’m tired of fighting and killing! He just wants to retreat in a low-key manner and be a lazy person. Yes, strength is not allowed.


TitleAfter the Full Level of the Profession
Raw Title全职业满级之后(全本)
Addition DateOctober 13, 2022
AuthorBian Hua Wu Qiong
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TagsBusinessmen,Economics,Game Elements,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Late Romance,Lazy Protagonist,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Modern Knowledge,Overpowered Protagonist,Perverted Protagonist,Politics,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Sex Slaves,Slow Romance,Sword And Magic,System,Transmigration