I Can Give the Origin of Everything (I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything)


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652 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Luo Hua Du Li

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything“Young man, I think you have wonderful bones. You are a martial arts prodigy. Now that the blue star is soaring, the alien beasts are raging, the aliens are invading, and the people of my blue star are in danger. ‘Secrets’, ten dollars will be given to you, and the task of maintaining world peace will be entrusted to you in the future.” Xu Lingjun’s expression was moved, “Unexpectedly, you can see through my essence. This is twenty yuan, so I don’t need to look for it anymore.” The liar was content with the money and left with a fake cheat book. And Xu Lingjun returned home with the secret book, stretched out his hand and patted it. The shabby book immediately radiated a glorious, desolate and ancient atmosphere, overwhelming the stars, and arbitrarily forever. Fake? Just kidding, in front of me, the actual product does not match the introduction. Please refer to the actual product as the standard. This sentence does not work. PS: I have finished the old books “The Counterattack of the Infinite Supporting Actor”, “The Master of Infinite Qi Luck”, “Taobao Merchant of Ten Thousand Worlds”, and “Genuine Cultivation”, all of which are excellent! The fine book “From Reiki Recovery to the Age of Domination” is being serialized. The old author has a good character and is trustworthy


TitleI Can Give the Origin of Everything (I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything)
Raw Title我能赋予万物本源
Addition DateNovember 9, 2022
AuthorLuo Hua Du Li
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TagsAbsent Parents,Aliens,Beast Companions,Body Tempering,Childhood Friends,Childhood Love,Childhood Promise,Cultivation,Early Romance,First-time Intercourse,Friendship,Game Ranking System,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Naive Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,Poor to Rich,Reincarnated in Another World,Second Chance